Affirm your identity: Customized Twillies

Customized Twillies

Affirm your brand on a Twilly

Do you want to promote your brand and showcase your branding on an elegant product? The customized Twilly is the solution. We accompany you for small and large series, from the creation of your design to the production of the finished product. Choosing French production with Régate373 means short delivery times and a high-quality of work and service.

Feel free to contact us for personalized assistance (minimum order quantity is 100 pieces).

How to personalize your Twilly?

Personalizing your Twilly can be done in 4 steps: choosing the color and logo positioning, selecting the material, the weave, and finally the format.

Colorful Twilly



Multiple possibilities are available to you thanks to an infinite range of colors in digital printing. Also, you are free to choose the pattern and placement of your logo according to your preferences.

Here are some possible examples:

Twilly 1

Twilly 2

Twilly 3

Twilly 4

Twilly 5

Step 2

Choosing the Material

The most commonly used materials:

Polyester Crepe

Polyester Crepe

Silk Crepe

Silk Crepe

Microfiber Twill

Microfiber Twill

Silk Twill

Silk Twill

Microfiber Canvas

Microfiber Canvas

Viscose / Silk

Viscose / Silk

Step 3

Choice of crossing

Crossing is the fact that your drawing can be seen from both sides.

Yellow twilly

Transparent twilly

Step 4

Choice of format

Printed twillys 100% polyester

Twilly Print 1

Twilly 5 x 80 cm

Twilly Print 2

Twilly 8 x 90 cm

Twilly Print 3

Twilly 7 x 100 cm

Twilly Print 4

Twilly 10 x 120 cm

For other dimensions, please contact us.