The articles you are offering, are they of French origin and manufactured within the national territory?

Certainly, our articles are crafted within our integrated and automated factory located in the Rhône-Alpes region. This is an initiative aimed at producing competitive products entirely manufactured in France.

What is the minimum quantity required to place an order for the production of custom ties according to our own design?

The order must include a minimum of 50 units for manufacturing. No surcharge applies for orders of 300 pieces or more.

What is the minimum order quantity to create our scarves according to our design?

It is necessary to order a minimum of 50 pieces for manufacturing.

Do you implement environmentally friendly production practices?

Manufacturing in France ensures a short supply chain, promoting local and efficient management. We are committed to ecological practices by recycling all our waste. Additionally, our fabrics and inks adhere to OEKO-TEX and REACH standards, demonstrating a commitment to environmentally and health-friendly practices.